Apple Watch Series 5

Apple often takes small steps when updating its wearable gadget, which may make it a bit difficult for consumers to decide when to pull the trigger and buy their own Apple Watch. The Series 5 may be a good choice for those who have yet to jump in, though, thanks to Apple finally integrating an always-on screen, among other new features. Best Buy is currently selling the GPS-only versions of the gadget for $100 off, bringing the 40mm model down to $300 and the 44mm version to $330. Walmart has a more limited deal, with only the 40mm model in Space Gray on sale.

Apple typically keeps one new generation of the Apple Watch and one older version on the market at the same time. The Series 5 — when not on sale — starts at $400 while the Series 3 starts at just $200. If the latest features aren’t a must-have, then the decision is usually a no-brainer. But with the Series 5 starting at $300, it may be worth it to invest in the newest model. Giving the Apple Watch Series 5 a score of 88, Engadget appreciated the Series 5’s small but important updates, such as international calling, a surprisingly useful compass and an always-on screen. The Series 5 also has all of the improvements that came with the Series 4, such as an EEG monitor, which the cheaper Series 3 does not. With the watch currently at the lowest price we’ve seen, now may be the time for curious tech nerds and fitness junkies to strap one on.

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